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Countertop Next to a Sink

Engineered stone countertops, consisting of qu...

Engineered stone countertops, consisting of quartz particles with plastic binder and coloring agents. Installation in progress. Undermount sink opening is factory cut and polished. Basic opening for cooktop was cut by fabricator, but an additional 1/8 inch was trimmed in field to fit the pop-up vent. Thanks to our contractors for getting this in before Christmas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Specify a minimum of twenty four inches of landing space on the counter on one side of the sink and at least eighteen inches on the other. If you are going to skimp on any of the recommended widths I would not recommend allowing this to be the space that is compromised. The sink is a highly used area in any kitchen.


Towel Bars

Two Prong Towel Bar Pull - Outs

Two Prong Towel Bar Pull – Outs

Spice Racks

A spice rack will provide organization, attraction and flavor to just about any kitchen area.

Wood Spice Drawer Insert

Spices May be Stored in Drawers, Behind cabinet Doors, or on display. Personal preference as well as shelf life of the spices should be considered when selecting the appropriate spice storage for you.

Your spice jars could be sorted appropriately on a nice spice rack.

Standard Close 5" to 14" Wide Shelf Pull-Outs

Spice Storage is compact enough that it may be concealed behind decorative elements in your kitchen design.

They create a prearranged spot to maintain your seasonings and herbs to ensure your spice jars are not making a mess in the kitchen counter or inside your kitchen cabinets. Additionally spices deliver testing and pleasure to cooking in a house. The racks for spices

Spice Cabinet

This unit is Sized to fit 15” and 18” wide x 30” tall door backs. With little effort you can find a unit that fits your space or if you are designing a new kitchen you may specify a cabinet is needed to fit the spice unit that you like.

are made using many different materials and are provided in various styles. Yet, the functionality of most of these racks are typically identical. One of our favorites is the Trimmable Wood Spice Rack.

Watch For Door Conflicts

For optimum clearance; no entry, appliance, or cabinet doors should interfere with another.  This rule is often ignored. It is not as much of an issue if the kitchen is only used by one primary cook.

Photo showing plenty of space around an open cabinet.

Have you ever been in a kitchen where everyone has to wait to get through a walkway when a door is opened. These conflicts can be watched for and eliminated in the design process so you don’t end up with that problem in your new kitchen.

If the option is available to accommodate this rule you will want to consider it carefully if you choose to ignore it.

Another Useful Accessory From

Wood Knife Tray Drawer Insert

Wood Knife Tray Drawer Insert

Different Counter Heights are Useful

Modern kitchen

Modern kitchen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cherry butcher block counter top.

Cherry butcher block counter top. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For versatility, plan for work counters of different heights; between twenty eight and thirty six inches off the floor (easier for chopping and seated-use access). A kitchen table is often positioned in a smaller kitchen where it may be used for the lower work surface. A higher counter between thirty six and forty six inches may also be considered  for general tasks (higher counters accommodate taller cooks).

Cooktop Clearance

To install a cabinet  above the cook top, make sure the clearance is at least twenty four inches for a fireproof surface, thirty inches for an unprotected surface. Most vent hoods state their recommended range in their specifications. Pay close attention to the suggestions on the hood as well as the specifications on your cook top. You do not want to end up with a low power hood mounted at its lowest recommended height over a high output cook top. Also consider the type of pans you want to be able to use. More height allows more versatility with that.