Kitchen organizers for small spaces.


kitchen (Photo credit: craftapalooza) A small kitchen functions well if kept organized.

Have a small space for a kitchen? Is the kitchen of your dreams made for a boat? Not everyone is blessed with a big kitchen that can hold all the secrets in the world, but with a little tweaking, that small kitchen can look like the Taj Mahal of kitchens, and still keep it’s cuteness that anyone can fall in love with it.
Going Up. Space is an issue, anyone can see that, but kitchen organization is all about making things work, and in this case, space can actually be a friend. How? By putting up shelving units. Shelving units do not always have to be put on the ground; they can be hung on the wall in groups of 3. Use one shelf for cookbooks, and manuals to the small appliances. Use another shelf for the small appliance (make sure to measure for greatest space). The last shelf can be used for going out the door things, such as keys, lunchbox, and wallet. If the cabinets happen to have a shelf on top, use that for seldom used items, or to decorate with.
Slender Kitchen Organizers. Small armoires are perfect for bowls and other dishes, if the small kitchen is not a galley kitchen. They often have drawers to store towels, napkins, or one might have a center just for the children for when they like to help out in the kitchen. To keep the drawers nice and tidy, an added on kitchen accessory would be an drawer organizers. From there, utensils can be stored inside, divided up in their own little cubby holes. Drawer organizers come in either one solid unit or a better one would be drawer organizers that allows the user to configure the drawer according to the size and shape of the utensils.
Pulling a double shift. With all areas of the home, it is important that a container pulls double duty. This is extremely important in a small kitchen. For example, while a bowl is good to mix treats in, why not use it as a fruit bowl in the refrigerator? An oven can be used to hold pots and pans when not in use. A pitcher serves as a items to water plants with as well as to keeping kids hydrated in the summertime. A pitcher can also hold large utensils like knives and long-handed spoons. A shot glass can be an excellent decorator for votive candles, or hold small items on a window sill. Do not limit to just using kitchen accessories, either. Any office accessory can be used to hold gravy mixes or packets of drink mix. The point is to use what is available in the home first before running out to get a container. It saves time and money.
Whatever the kitchen size is, it should always be organized and well stocked. No one likes chaos, especially an organized chaotic mess. These ideas should help bring a kitchen to life, no matter what.


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