Kitchen pull out shelves

Pull out shelves are shelves that can be pull out for easy access to a host of things.   They can be used in a child’s playroom by sorting pull toys from games, or if a child has a massive Lego collection, the shelves or bins can beused to separate colors or different types of


Kitchen (Photo credit: deborah|silverbees)

Lego’s.   Pull out shelves can also be used in kitchen as well, and for most kitchen organization, they are a must.  Here are some ideas for the different uses a set of pull out shelves can make in the kitchen.

Pots and pans.   In a cabinet, there can be three sections, big pots, small pots, and pans.   To keep from sorting through hundreds of pots and pans to get to one roaster, everything is layered, but sitting on a shelf.  Pull out the shelf to get the roaster and the rest of the pots and pans are never touched.

Waste bin.   There is a shelf for waste bins too.   The neat thing about this system for waste bins is guests never have to see them.  The waste bin is tucked away under the sink, and when there is a mess to clean up around the sink, it can be easily transferred to the waste bin.  Most systems come with one or two waste bins, so it is possible to use them as a recycling center.

Boxes.   When organizing a kitchen, boxes need a place too.   Rather that is a box that holds cereal or trash bags, use these shelves for deep cabinets, see what is in there, and get what is needed.   No more tumbling over boxes to figure out the contents of a particular box.

Kitchen pantries.   Many newer (and some older) homes come with kitchen pantries as a standard in the home.   If the home does not come with one, then the kitchen is being remodeled to include one in it.  With this in mind, kitchen pantries need a pull out system too.   Many can be installed with either a shelving unit that comes with a pull out drawer organizer or with pull out shelves.   Shelving units in the kitchen pantry work the same way as the cabinets to hold anything from pots and pans to cans of soda.   Shelving units with a pull out system can also reduce clutter in main kitchen area where there is often high traffic from the family gathering to holiday parties.  Pull out shelves can also house linens for the dining room table as well as candles for that intimate setting for two.

So pull out shelves are very functional and can ease a ton of messes and clutter.  Just remember to clean them out every once in a while to keep from hiding the clutter in these areas too.


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