Kitchen Cabinet Options

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The kitchen is a special place in most homes. It’s where food is stored, prepared and served. It also acts as the main meeting place for many households. Meals aren’t only prepared in the kitchen, sometimes they are served there as well, so it needs to look as homely as possible and be as functional as it needs to be for the person who spends most of their days over a countertop. A special place like that requires special decor that will serve enhance its functionality.

Cabinets are installed in the kitchen to hold food and other supplies. They’ll have shelves and drawers to organise things. They can be designed to hold more than just the dishware, silverware and a food items.  They are more than places that you commit your dishes to between meals. You can display special designed crystal and dishes by having glass doors instead of solid doors. They need to be designed with good depth and height so that things can fit.  They can be installed above and below counters, fitted with pull out shelves or a Lazy-Suzan to make reaching things easy.

You can create a variety of environments with the type of cabinets you put in your kitchen. Maybe your house came with a pre-fitted kitchen that suited you when you first moved in and as you settled into your new home, you’ve had to move things around you to create the atmosphere you want and to better serve your use of the kitchen.  When you are thinking of changing the cabinets in your kitchen, the changes you make should solve whatever issues you have with the cabinetry.

Is it space that you are looking for?  Then you need to consider the entire kitchen as a room and how you can maximise the space around you to get the most of it. Maybe there is a space between the ceiling and the top of the last cabinet that you can use. Some cabinetry is made with movable shelves. You can fit a Lazy-Suzan in a cabinet that has deep shelves. A Lazy-Suzan is a contraption that has circular shelves rotating on a vertical axis so that you can get to things in the cabinets by pushing on the shelf so that it rotates, when closed it looks like two cabinets placed at right angles. A custom-made cabinet will offer all the solutions you need as it will be specifically designed for you and your kitchen.


7 responses to “Kitchen Cabinet Options

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  4. I really like your posts. I find them to be short little bursts of sensibility. There is one thing above that I would like to add. As a kitchen designer, I have found that there is a lot more bang for your buck with the semi-custom cabinetry available now through cabinet suppliers. Although custom cabinetry is nice, the finish doesn’t hold up as well and the cost is out of reach for most folks these days. With home values at rock bottom, getting the most value for the investment requires a lot of apple to apple cost comparison. I just posted on this very thing in
    Thank you for your good work.

    • Thanks for the input. I’m not sure I agree on your blanket comment about the finish on custom cabinetry as i have toured several cabinet shops and seen some amazing controls in some of the custom shops. I agree 100% that the finish varies from company to company though and that a nice semi-custom cabinet line is usually customizable enough for most jobs.

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