Kitchen Organization 101: It’s all in the basics

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Welcome to 2012 and the month of January.   January has been declared National Organization Month.   Kitchens have become one of the most popular places to gather in the home.   The family eats here, bill paying and homework is often done in the kitchen, as well as whole parties can be entertained here.   The last thing that anyone wants is a disorganized kitchen.  If the kitchen is looking a mess, get organized this year.  So it is important to do some kitchen organization in the home.  Here are some tips on how it can be done:

  • The Pantry and the refrigerator:   these two items are the most important part of kitchen organization.   The reason being is food is stored in these areas.  It has often been suggested by the experts that like items be grouped together (can goods go with can goods, spices with spices, and so forth) for easy access.   Also keep in mind expiration dates, especially on can goods.   Kitchen organizing should not be hard to keep up in this area.  Make it easy on oneself and check all foods when reorganizing.   If the “Use by” date is shown, place those items up front, otherwise, group by like items and use as soon as possible.
  • Pots, pans, and dishes:  Pots and pans can be neatly placed on the shelf of a lower cabinet or oversized drawer, while dishes can be place in an upper cabinet with or without the door.  A trend that started in the late ‘90s for kitchen organization is open shelving.   Open shelving can be done in the cabinet or the cabinet can be removed, and shelves are put in place of the cabinet.  There is a catch; it has to be kept up.   The best place to keep pots and pans is near the stove, oven or microwave.   No room for pots and pans?  Place the pots and pans inside the oven, but remember to always take them out before turning the oven on.
  • The Desk:  Today, more and more kitchens have room to pay the bills and/or to do homework.   This is also called the family center.  Place folders of the following:  Things to do, to pay, to read, and file 13 (waste bins).  Things to do are calendar activities that go on the calendar such as doctor’s appointments, school appointments, meetings, and important phone numbers.  Always list the person’s name beside the event, and always check the calendar.   Likewise, keep the date on a planner in the purse or wallet and on a smartphone.   To pay are the bills due, subscriptions dues, and memberships due to be renewed and paid.   To read are things that need to be read and acted on, such as a note from a teacher, a boss, or instructions from a doctor.  Once those are read, it is best to file them away for further reference.   File 13 are waste bins.   Every day, people get tons of junk mail from all sorts of resources: school sales, buy this item, go to this event, and those “you may already won” envelope.   If it is of no interest, toss in the waste bins.  Do not open it, just toss.   Also it is a good idea to have an “in” “out” box.  Mail goes in to be taken care of and mail gets ready to go out for the mailbox.
  • Other zones:  other zones in the kitchen organization process can be a
    • Coffee bar.  Place coffee filters (including those that contain coffee), sugar packs, Non-dairy creamers and other coffee products in an kitchen accessories such as bins, and baskets.   Place other items such as cups, mugs, stirrers, and small napkins.  This is also great for a dinner party.
    • Snack area.   To keep kids (and adults too) from rambling, create a snack bar with the family’s favorite treats, using the same concept as the coffee bar.
    • Breakfast bar.   This can be an extension of the coffee bar.   Have a cereal station next to it (but not far from the fridge for easy access to the milk and fruit) instant breakfast bar.

Once the kitchen is cleaned and organized, as well as the areas of the kitchen are mapped out, there will be no more chaos.   Use this same techniques for the rest of the home and everything can and will work out fine.


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