Cutting Boards That are a Cut Above The Rest

Bobby Flay performing a cooking demonstration ...

Bobby Fay Performing on Iron Chef

One of the most misunderstood kitchen accessories in the world is the cutting board.  One of the reason it is so misunderstood is because its misleading properties.   It is a kitchen accessory that have a lot of uses, including the most common use, cutting, but there are safe rules that are involved, as well as the most intriguing rules.

Types of surfaces.   For years people have argued which is safer, wood or plastic and each have their pros and cons.   Wood is porous, and has been known to self-heal, but on the other hand, plastic is more decorative, and is dishwasher safe.  It is up to the cook to decided which is safer for their household to use on a daily basis.

How many is too many.   With all items, cutting boards tend to grow and multiply within the home.  The kitchen accessory makes a wonderful gift for a new couple, as well as a wonderful house-warming gift.  On the subject on how many to use, a person can have a cutting board for preparing meats, fish, and poultry, another one for vegetables and fruits, while three one can be used to cut breads or use as a cheese board.  Beyond that amount, it is time to declutter that down to three.

Decorations.   Beyond the cutting aspects of the cutting board, if a person must have more than three, consider these uses.

–          Work surface for a hobby.

–          An aid for centerpieces to set candles and dried flowers on a display table for either entertaining, craft shows, or foods.

–          To hold lotions, perfumes in the bathroom.

These uses are best to keep that cutting board away from the kitchen.

Known fact:  the Japanese hold all kitchen accessories in high respect.   In 2000, Bobby Flay accepted an invitation to the cooking show, Iron Chef.   Towards the end of the show, while cooking against Chef Masaharu Morimoto, Bobby chucked a cutting board onto the floor of kitchen stadium, and stood on top of the cooking surface to show that he was finished cooking.   Since this was being displayed in front of a live studio audience of Japanese people, there was an outrage throughout kitchen stadium.   Afterwards, Bobby apologized, and today the two are best of friends, and Morimoto owns restaurants in the United States, and cooks as an American Iron Chef show.


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