Top Kitchen Space Savers

You can fully utilize existing storage in your kitchen by applying our recommended top kitchen savers below. If you utilize these tips, guaranteed your kitchen will become more organized, less cluttered and more efficient.

Smart Storage

Among our top kitchen space saver tip is making use of smart storage options such as pullout shelves, baskets and racks. These go inside your existing cabinets and basically increase the storage capacity by adding more layers to place your utensils in. These pullouts are designed so you can conveniently pull out whichever rack or layer you need to get your utensils from. Base Mounted Pull-out System Ideal For Under a SinkThese are especially handy for under counter or under sink-type cabinets. Don’t forget to also utilize the back of your cabinets by putting in several hanging shelves so that you are sure absolutely no space is wasted in your cabinets. Another form of smart storage are drawer organizers. These are usually double tier trays that go inside your regular drawer. They not only add another layer to store and organize your cutlery in, but keep in mind,  they also help protect your knives from damage and wear and tear.  There are tons of kitchen space savers out there that not only keep your kitchen orderly but fully utilize your existing storage space as well.

Top to bottom

One more kitchen space saver tip is utilizing your kitchen from top to bottom. Have cabinets that can go all the way to your ceiling. You can put up in the top shelf things you only use on occasion. You can even have you pantry extend straight from you ceiling to the floor. You can also use the ceiling as additional storage and hang several kitchen essentials such as pots and pans through a hanging pot and pan organizer. You can use this to hang directly to your ceiling or if your cabinet is very high, you can hang it in there. The space above your refrigerator can probably hold another hanging kitchen shelf. You can also hang additional storage behind your door to utilize this otherwise unused space.  Scour your kitchen from top to bottom, and left to right. For sure, you will see additional kitchen space savers that you may not have seen before.

Utilize corners

Finally, one more kitchen space saver tip that a lot of people seem to forget are kitchen corners. Your kitchen has several corners, from the corners of the kitchen area, to the corners of wall cabinets and sink cabinets. For sure, if you check now you’ll still see some unused space in there. You can have a full corner cabinet installed so you can have an entirely new range of storage space available or you can make use of corner pull outs or corner pivot shelves so you don’t waste that unused in-cabinet space.


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